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Flora op-ed on mining in the Spokesman-Review

June 13, 2018

Post Carbon Fellow Gloria Flora’s op-ed highlighting the need to protect environmental and public involvement laws from the mining industry appeared in the Spokesman-Review.

From the article:

Two weeks ago, the House passed a national defense funding bill, with a catch. If it becomes law, any proposal to dig up a “critical” mineral would enjoy an expedited permitting process, minimal environmental review, and no public input. Worse, they redefine “critical minerals” to include almost any rock: even gravel! Now it’s the Senate’s turn to draft their version of the defense bill, and there’s already a similar rider on the table.

Of all industries, hardrock mining should be the last to receive special treatment. It’s the nation’s top toxic polluter, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Too often these mines leave behind devastation that taxpayers must pay for and communities endure for generations.

Misguided lawmakers are using the guise of national security to gut bedrock environmental and public involvement laws. They claim fast-tracking domestic mine permits will make us less reliant on foreign countries. But the Critical and Strategic Materials Defense Stockpiling Act already ensures we have those critical materials for national security.