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Heinberg’s Work Influences Davis, California

April 23, 2018

A group of more than thirty residents of Davis, California, participated in a discussion group based on the online Think Resilience course that features Post Carbon Fellow Richard Heinberg. Group members explored the impacts of various environmental and social crises,...

Hughes Exposes the Financial Mess of Fracking

April 20, 2018

Post Carbon Fellow David Hughes offers insights about the financial shenanigans surrounding the U.S. fracking industry. In the first of an investigative series of articles in DeSmogBlog about the debt crisis in the industry, writer Justin Mikulka interviews Hughes...

Hughes Shale Reality Check in Natural Gas Intel

February 9, 2018

Post Carbon Fellow David Hughes’ new report Shale Reality Check casts doubt on the EIA’s latest projections as reported in Natural Gas Intel. From the article: In addition to the reference case, AEO2018 includes energy projections through 2050 under...